Who we are

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A church with a big heart

We are a part of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination that grew out of a movement of spiritual awakening and revival in the early years of the 1800’s. A central belief of those who were the founders of our church was that Christ died for all persons. All people are included within God’s love for the
world, however we are in need of a savior. Our calling is to accept the saving love that is already ours in Jesus Christ by admitting we are a sinner and in need of salvation, believing Jesus died as a perfect sacrifice for sin, and confessing Christ as savior.

Our worship is a mixture of traditionalism and openness. We attempt to conserve established traditions while at the same time we try to adapt our methods and message to present day. We welcome all people to come and worship with us.

What we offer

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Through the years of operation, we are happy to be a loving church and a channel of God willing for every good work

A Church Home

Christ Church Lutz is a place where your family can feel comfortable and grow in Jesus’ love. Whether you are exploring God for the first time or are a committed Christian wanting to go deeper in your faith, you are welcome at Christ Church Lutz. We welcome all ages, all nationalities and cultures, and all walks of life.

Services in English and Spanish

Our denomination does have a large presence in several Spanish speaking countries and we seek to support this. We offer Sunday morning worship in English, Sunday School in both English and Spanish, and we offer a service on Thursday nights that is in Spanish

A Mixture of Tradition and Openness

We attempt to conserve established traditions while at the same time we try to adapt our methods and message to the present day.

Outreach & Volunteer opportunities.

`{`Outreach- Beth El Farmworkers ministry and church women united`}` volunteer opportunities `{`Arise Fest, Spaghetti dinners, Fall Festival`}`. We have a variety of outreach and volunteer activities and are always open to supporting different causes that our members are interested in. We look at our outreach and volunteer opportunities as a way to share God’s love with the community and a way for our members to get involved in things that are important to them.

Bible studies, women’s groups and prayer meetings.

...and other programs to nourish your Christian Growth. We offer opportunities for edification and growth for everyone. Starting with our English and Spanish Sunday school classes, we offer growth opportunities outside of Sunday as well. We use our tools to have both virtual `{`zoom`}` and in person activities so everyone can be involved. We believe that Christian growth is ongoing and an essential part of our Christian lives.

A Church With a Big Heart

Cumberland Presbyterian normally has small and medium membership churches. Despite our size as a small CP church, we like to jump into action when we see a need to show our heart and love to the community. Whether making meals for families of sick children in the community or making candy to give away at Christmas or hosting a free outdoor concert, we do what we can do to show our heart.

Our Sermons